Nadia DafriThe story of Nadia Dafri is one of an adventurer. Originally destined for another career, Nadia Dafri now travels across the globe meeting artisans to listen to their stories and discover their workshops and techniques. These experiences are what bring her collections to life. For Dafri, every journey is a discovery, and every discovery is a source of inspiration and creation. Her story is constantly being written, stitching together delicate embroideries and subtle weaves liberated from the diktats of fashion.

With a fine sense of ethics and respect for expertise that has been passed on through the generations, Nadia Dafri revives ancestral embroideries in a resolutely modern collection of clothing. From New York to Saint Tropez, Tokyo and Paris, her collections are sold worldwide in the best known and most demanding concept stores and multi-brand boutiques.


Since 2015, Nadia Dafri has been designing refined clothing, embroidered by hand and made with a sense of ethics and solidarity in mind. Every season, she reinterprets her collection of clothing in cotton canvas and gauze, always painstakingly selected, embroidered with coloured thread that outline deliberately irregular and incomplete patterns. All her designs are made of supple materials, and are light and soft to the touch. Her creations are a timeless journey whose destination remains a secret for our greatest delight. Recently, she released a line of home fabrics to complete her refined collection.

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